Machine Learning powered Credit Underwriting and Analytics

State of the Art  Machine Learning Technology Platform

Scorecards that capture complex patterns in data

Tech that delivers upto 30% lower delinquency rates and 20% increase credit disbursals.

Used By


Banks & Financial Institutions



Of the top private Indian banks



Customer accounts (loans) and counting



USD Worth of Credit

Built on Monsoon's Proprietary AI Technology

Monsoon CreditTech’s technology is used by 24 lenders across a wide range of portfolios in the Retail lending and MSME lending spaces.


Some of the loan products supported in the Retail lending space are Consumer Durable loans, Personal loans, Four/Two -Wheeler loans, Home loans and Credit Cards.


Working Capital loans, Loans Against Property, Credit Lines and Term loans are supported in the MSME space.

Monsoon's AI technology leverages data to drive superior lending outcomes

Traditional Data Sources Alternate Data Sources CIBIL Scores, Past Repayment Data, Bank Statements etc. Browser Data, Mobile Records, Digital Exhaust Monsoon’s Proprietary AI Models Business Insights Superior Lending Outcomes

Loan Underwriting Models

1) Lend upto 25% more

2) Lower delinquency rates by upto 30%

3) Reduce decisioning time by upto 50%

4) Boost portfolio profitability

Risk & Revenue Models

Monitor your loan portfolio to identify early warning signs  of delinquency for prompt remedial action. Enhance revenue via up-sell/cross sell.

Utility Models & Engines

Leverage our specialized models to make workflows smoother through automation and intelligence. e.g. Income Estimation Models, Policy Optimization Engine

How our models are delivered

Built Into Your System

Integrate our models with your existing LOS/LMS systems for a seamless experience.

We can host our models on-premise or hand them over to you along with integration support.

(No data leaves your firewall)

On the Cloud

We expose a range of  easy-to-integrate APIs hosted on the 3 major Cloud Providers.

We support both Containerized Architectures and Serverless Architectures.

(No PII leaves your firewall)

Bespoke Consulting

We can make use of varied data sets to build custom models for your unique needs.

We also provide a consulting layer to help you make the best sense out of the data and drive never-before-seen results.

Case Studies

MSME loan portfolio becomes more profitable

Monsoon CreditTech’s machine learning powered financial data based underwriting model helped reduce the delinquency rates of a leading private bank’s MSME portfolio by 24% while boosting portfolio LLANII by 62%

Retail loan portfolio sees improved asset quality

Monsoon CreditTech’s alternate data based underwriting models helped a Delhi based NBFC reduce loan delinquencies by 18% and increasing portfolio profitability by 42%

Personal loan portfolio gets a 44% boost

Monsoon CreditTech’s machine learning powered technology helped bring down the delinquency rates of a stressed personal loan portfolio of a leading FinTech company in North India by 44%

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