About Us

Mission Statement

Monsoon CreditTech is on a mission to revolutionize lending by eliminating inefficiencies in in the way lending decisions are made, by leveraging the amazing power of machine learning in specific and artificial intelligence in general. We endeavor to help usher in a world in which every creditworthy borrower has access to adequate amounts of credit and where no lender lends to credit unworthy borrowers due to poor credit decisioning processes, sub-optimal risk models, human biases or lack of access to relevant information. Such a world would maximize economic value for borrowers, lenders and for society as a whole. We would consider ourselves successful if we could help move the needle even a little bit towards such a world.

Core Values

1. You are not just writing code or crunching numbers. You are revolutionizing lending; you may not fully understand it yet.

2. Keep your promises. You never know the consequences of breaking your word.

3. Time spent on understanding the what, the how and the why is time invested, not time wasted.

4. A good thing shipped today is better than the best thing shipped next week.

5. If it has to be done more than once, automate it.

Our Team

Monsoon CreditTech’s team consists of seasoned data scientists and financial analysts who worked at some of the best-known financial institutions in the world ranging from investment banks to multilateral lenders. We’ve studied engineering, computer science, statistics and  economics at some of the best global and Indian universities such as  Carnegie Mellon University, Stanford University, National University of Singapore, IIT Kanpur, IIT Kharagpur , worked at some of the most prestigious financial institutions ranging from the likes of Merrill Lynch, The World Bank, Bank of America, Barclays Capital, and Ocwen Financial and have deep experience working with complex problems  in the Banking and Financial Services domain.