Machine learning powered loan underwriting technology to boost portfolio performance

Minimize delinquency rates and maximize loan approval rates using the state of the art machine learning technology

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Monsoon's machine learning powered technology enables lenders to:
  - Discover nuanced repayment patterns from their existing loan books (retail & SME)
  - Exploit these patterns to:
   -Identify high risk applicants likely to be approved & reject them
   -Identify low risk applicants likely to be rejected & lend to them
 - Augment existing underwriting processes with signals from alternate data
such as mobile records and social media exhaust

Lower Delinquency Rates

Our platform identifies & leverages subtle patterns in borrower & repayment data to cut delinquency rates by 20% to 40%

Increase Approval Rates

Our machine learning powered best-in-class models let you approve up to 25% more loan applications without compromising on asset quality

Lower Turn-around times

By automating credit decisions, pricing and risk management, our technology helps you cut turnaround times to a few seconds per application

Key Features

Our proprietary machine learning powered loan underwriting platform is at the core of the following features:
  • ML-powered Application level Risk Scorecards
  • Actionable Portfolio level Analytics for a variety of loan portfolios
  • Risk-based Pricing of loans
  • Advanced risk models for handling NTC, NTB applicants
We also consider rule engine validation and bespoke offerings on a case by case basis.

Trusted by Industry Leaders

Monsoon CreditTech's clients include some of India's largest private banks, NBFCs and Fintech companies in the credit-plus space. Our technology is used across different loan products ranging from Consumer Durable loans, Personal loans, Four-Wheeler loans, Home loans and Credit lines in the retails space to working capital loans and term loans in the MSME space.

Using Alternate Data for Loan
underwriting for a leading NBFC

Monsoon's machine learning powered alternate data insights led to a 300% profit boost for the client's Credit Line loan Portfolio

Reduction in Onboarding time
for a Bangalore-based marketplace

Our actionable analytics resulted in 20% reduction in customer onboarding by analyzing the most important data points using our advanced machine learning solutions.

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