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Monsoon's suite of products helps in collecting additional data points for an NTB, NTC customer, providing actionable insights for improved credit decisions. Our best-in-class ML algorithms have proven to be a value-add for our client's loan portfolio, enabling them to increase bottomline by at least 20%.

Lower Delinquency Rates

Our platform identifies & leverages subtle patterns in borrower & repayment data to cut delinquency rates by 20% to 40%

Increase Approval Rates

Our machine learning powered best-in-class models let you approve up to 25% more loan applications without compromising on asset quality

Lower Turn-around times

By automating credit decisions, pricing and risk management, our technology helps you cut turnaround times to a few seconds per application

Key Features

Our cloud-based SaaS solutions provides our clients with a suite of applications to make underwriting easy, effective, data-drive, and generate better RoI for the efforts.
  • Risk-based Pricing of loans
  • ML-powered Risk Scorecards
  • Actionable Analytics for your loan PF
  • Additional insights for NTC, NTB customers
  • Rule Engine Validation
  • Bespoke Offerings for our clients

Trusted by Industry Leaders

Monsoon's proprietary technology has been instrumental in adding value to large private banks, leading NBFC's, P2P lenders, various lending enablers, and lending marketplaces. Here are our case studies on how we leveraged Artificial Intelligence to solve our client's requirements.

Using Alternate Data for Loan
underwriting for a leading NBFC

Monsoon's machine learning powered alternate data insights led to a 300% profit boost for the client's Credit Line loan Portfolio

Reduction in Onboarding time
for a Bangalore-based marketplace

Our actionable analytics resulted in 20% reduction in customer onboarding by analyzing the most important data points using our advanced machine learning solutions.

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