India is home to 1/5th of the world’s unbanked 2 Billion population. And, over 87% of India’s potential borrowers have difficulty in borrowing from a bank or a financial institution due to lack of credit history. Their thin-file/no-file status makes banking in India risky. Also, the traditional credit rating process, which helped mitigate lending risks, is incomplete and in many ways, embryonic in today’s digital world. The tradition rating processes only account for 3-5 parameters such as existing credit accounts/loans/credit cards, payments, and recent enquiries – which is self-defeating for new borrowers with neither of these.
The digital age provides us with ocean of data through its social media, smart phone, online banking/transactions, and ecommerce addiction. Our proprietary advanced AI and machine learning algorithms are specifically designed to assess this ocean of digital data to more accurately identify the creditworthiness of a borrower. Along the way we help increase access to capital and expand the lending market.